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20 June 2012 - 5:17am | erleargonza
Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

17 June 2012

Mapagpalayang araw! Liberative day to all ye enthused aspirants and Lightworkers!

Ra, teacher and messenger, from the Darjeeling Council of the Brotherhood, will focus on the conclusion of the World Teacher’s task for this note.

World Teacher is among the key functionaries of the spiritual Hierarchy for any world. The full import of the World Teacher’s task has been particularly emphasized after the Fall of Lucifer when 60% of Adepts of Light of this already beleaguered planet fell to the Evil side.

As Terra’s lower planes—physical and astral—fell into the hands of the Fallen Adepts (evil masters), the long-wave Kali Yuga (800,000+ years total) has increasingly been blackened and exacerbated. The surviving Adepts of Light decidedly receded into the background, thus reversing the previous situation when Masters walked with man (from manu, the thinking being).

For a very long time, epoch after epoch, the Divine Hierarchy (seated in Shamballah) sent forth just about one great master at a time to cater to the spiritual needs of enthused aspirants. Divine Wisdom, once openly taught yet eventually corrupted, was no longer available to the mass, but only to those initiated in the Adeptic Path.

So the great master on errands noted that bifurcation of the lessons: one for the mass, another one for the candidate Adepts. Among the great masters was one who stood out as the teacher of the masters, otherwise known as the World Teacher. Like the Grand Dean of all teachers, he is known in the East as Mahachohan.

Mahachohan is the Wisdom aspect of the Father-Mother, and is among a coterie of avatara for the planet. The other key functionaries are: Christ, the Love aspect of God; Buddha, the Will aspect; Manu, the divine leader of a Root-race; and, Bodhisattva, spiritual savior of a Root-race.

Above the said functionaries are the Lord Sanat Kumara, also known as Ancient of Days, who is Planetary Logos. He is aided by three (3) Logoi, who are all of Logos awareness as the title indicates. They oversee the overall evolution of the humans in the material, mental, and spiritual domains.

Below the key functionaries—Mahachohan, Christ, Buddha, Manu, Bodhisattva—are the Chohans of the Brotherhood. As Grand Dean of teachers, the Mahachohan serves as mentors to the chohans of which there are seven—one for each of the rays of Enlightened Power, Wisdom, Love/Devotion, Arts, Science, Service, and Alchemy/Ceremonial Magic.

As to how many divine beings—of avatara awareness—occupied the Mahachohan post, no information is available for public release. There were thousands of Christs sent forth, four (4) Buddhas corresponding to the four (4) evolutionary rounds for the planet, five (5) manus corresponding to the five (5) root races, and five (5) Bodhisattvas corresponding to the five (5) root races.

This we can say so far: the Ascended Beings we know as Maitreya, Zoroaster, Jesus, Babaji were at one time holders of such a post. The last divine being to hold the post today is that of the figure we knew in antiquity as Homer: philosopher, poet, historian, scholar. Yes, Beloved Ones, Homer is Mahachohan, and I wish so much to receive even just an iota of jewel of wisdom from His Divinity.

The Mahachohan, at some time is his magnanimous works, was also assigned to serve as bridgehead between Terra’s ascended beings and the Holy Spirit. In the Vedic tradition the Holy Spirit is known as the Mahadeva, and also goes by the popular term Shiva.

Today we are witness to many Ascended Masters now serving the Brotherhood in the councils (located in the etheric plane) and in Shamballah (seat of divine governance for Terra). 144,000 White Robes reinforce the Brotherhood, so imagine the glee that the Hierarchs of Terra feel at this very moment.

Meanwhile, among the chelas of the White Robes on the surface, a very large number, probably a million, are ready to be granted divine grace in order to attain master of 1st level awareness comes Dec. 21, 2012. Truly all the Brothers & Sisters of Light can safely infer: the Lord Mahachohan has done a JOB WELL DONE.

A million salutes to His Divinity the Mahachohan. Praise be the Mahachohan in the highest!

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