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The Fifth Initiatory Gateway of Light ~ 05-05-05 Ashrams 3 Rays

The Fifth Initiatory Gateway of Light ~ 05-05-05
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You Tube http://www.youtube.com/user/AnritaMelchizedekOn May 5th 2012, we enter into the fifth initiatory Gateway of Light through the First Ray of Will and Power, and the Initiation of Revelation Overlighted by Chohan El Morya, Archangels Michael and Faith, and Elohim Hercules and Amazonia. This first ray is primarily concerned with owning our personal power, and aligning our will with the Divine Will of God. Through this initiation, we detach ourselves from control and domination issues, and become the empowered “warrior” of Divine Will. In so doing, we will truly understand what it is to wield power, rather than submit to it.

This fifth initiatory Gateway takes us into the Center of Divine Love, the New Earth Templates of Light, through the vibrational resonance of 2012 (2+0+1+2), reflected in the triple divine expression of the number 5, and the five pointed star, the source of the Golden Mean ratio of 1.618......,. Additionally, in the creation of the I AM Avatar Blueprint of Light, the Fibonacci ratios connected to the chakras commence their spin to the correct harmonic frequencies and ratios in vibrational attunement to the New Earth Templates, and the chakras start to merge in one unified column of Light. An Ascension Portal opens on this sacred day of May the 5th until June 21st, in which we have the possibility as the Ascending Ones to collectively undergo the second wave of Ascension, amplified on June 6th, the time of the Venus transit.

May 5th starts with World Liberation Day, a time to truly step into deeper levels of empowerment, wisdom and Divine Love. Surrounded in this beautiful Red Flame of Will and Power, we lift the veils of illusion, letting go of any issues of disempowerment; of giving our power to our sub-conscious mind and to those around us. On a global level, we bring our focus to financial institutes, power hungry conglomerates and the Illuminati, all those seeking to disempower us and hold humanity in bondage.

As the Wesak Full Moon commences on May 6th, we are Overlighted by Lord Buddha, the Ascended Masters within Shamballa and the entire Company of Heaven. We are invited as Initiates of Light into the First Ray Ashram and Ascension Seat within Shamballa to meet with the Ascended Masters. Trusting and surrendering to Mother/Father God at the deepest levels of our Beingness, and with the knowing of ourselves as these transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, we step into power, compassion and wisdom, through the Overlighting of the Ray Masters and our Mighty I Am Presence to experience this Initiation of Revelation. At this level of initiation, we are experiencing a discipleship called The Chelas on the Thread. Through the impulsing of our Mighty I Am Presence, we, the chelas or students, are being linked to one of the three main ray Ashrams in Shamballa through the three fold flame of empowerment, Love and wisdom.

May 20th, the New Moon, takes us into the “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse, through an alignment of our Sun and Moon to the Pleiades Constellation, experienced for the first time in 26 000 years. At this unprecedented Now moment, and through the Photonic Rays of Light and Solar Flares of Light, we embrace the Divine Masculine within as warriors of Light, knowing when to step forward in dynamic right action and when to step back in Love-Wisdom. This is the year of Unity Consciousness and Empowerment and all that is not of the Light is being revealed, transmuted and released. This celestial Solar Eclipse further activates the axiatonal lines within our bodies and those of Mother Earth’s Light Body through the Crystalline Grid of Divine Love, allowing for a deeper merger of all Life with their I Am Presence and the passage through which we pass to embrace the Divine Feminine on June 4th, taking us into the next Ascension Wave from June the 6th. At that sacred Now moment, we experience the merging of the Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes within ourselves and the integration of our I AM Presence and all Soul rays and Twinned Flame aspects, bringing with it the potentiality to truly know ourselves as the I AM Avatar Race, in thoughts, in feelings, in actions, and in Divine Love.

We are experiencing these unprecedented Light activities to make the changes we need to, to collectively experience Heaven on Earth, and this window of opportunity takes us through the Left and Right Eye of Horus and into the Gateway of the Divine Mother and Divine Father respectively.

Additionally we anchor the fifth Silver Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc and two minor discs through the spinal column, to be activated on May the 21st. We bring into this Now through the Christed Timelines and Cosmic Portals of Light all that we are needing to further our service work, and with this, assist all Life on this earth plane to potentially experience this fifth initiation, The Revelation.

We are collectively experiencing ourselves in vibrational attunement through the Center of Creation as these transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, Starseeded Ones, Wayshowers and teachers in Service to Mother Earth and all her Life. As the I Am Avatar race, we are here to show the way. And so it is.

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