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~ The Elders on the Fifth Initiatory Gateway of Light ~

~ The Elders on the Fifth Initiatory Gateway of Light ~
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Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now and indeed in this sacred year of 2012. Great excitement exists, sweet ones, on the inner planes and with the Legions upon Legions of Light as you enter through this fifth Initiatory Gateway of Light, 5-5-5, for indeed it is another Ascension Gateway of Light being activated on this day through the sacred number of 5. This magical number of 5 manifests this triple divine vibration of 2012. Additionally the five pointed star is the source of the golden mean phi ratio of 1.618....,. What is occurring now, sweet ones, is an Ascension Gateway of Light starting on May the 5th leading up to June the 20th/21st 2012. This vibration of 2012 on its own brings through many of these frequencies of Light into the holographic matrix of yourselves as these sacred Master Beings and transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. As the Fibonacci sequence coming through from the Center of Creation is amplified at this time, sweet ones, it further amplifies the chakras within the body to the correct Fibonacci ratios into one unified column of light.

Let us set our sacred space sweet ones, as we tell you more about this 5-5-5 Initiatory Gateway of Light through this Initiation of Revelation working with the First Ray of Will and Power. Breathe deeply into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in and contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out. Have a sense now of connecting into Mother Earth, into her Crystal Heart, connecting now into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, merging with you I AM Presence the Highest Light of who you are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. And now, sweet ones bring in this portal of light within your sacred space. Through this portal of light comes in the antakarana connecting you to all aspects of your Higher Light. Breathe in the magnificence of yourselves through your Higher Self of the Light, impulsing you from the etheric of Sirius, and now, your Christed Overself of the Light, your I AM Presence. Have a sense sweet ones, of the knowing of this Initiatory Gateway of Light, this Ascension Gateway, between this Now moment and June the 20th , the 21st the time of the Solstice. Have a sense of now connecting into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, to this 144 Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love. Connecting now to all the Light Workers and Starseeded Ones and Beings of Light from On High, surround yourselves in this beautiful Golden Flame of Empowerment and One Unity Consciousness through this Twelfth Ray of Christ Consciousness. And now sweet ones, surround yourselves in this beautiful Red Flame of the First Ray of Will and Power. The energy of this ray, sweet ones, takes you into greater levels of empowerment and a deeper expression of the Divine Masculine manifesting itself in all of its magnificence on May the 20th through the “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse. This alignment of light occurring with your Sun and New Moon and the Pleiades constellation is one that is occurring for the first time in 26,000 years. Breathe in this beautiful Red Flame of Light sweet ones, through the Overlighting of Master El Morya, Archangels Michael and Faith and Elohim Hercules and Amazonia. Wonderful.
What you are seeing now, sweet ones, is the energy of truly expressing yourselves in deeper levels of empowerment, of standing with clear boundaries, of truly trusting and surrendering to the Divine. And indeed, this is being expressed and experienced on a global level too. This May the 5th, 2012 is also the World Liberation Day, in some places called World Peace Day. It is a time of liberating yourselves of all shackles and taking back your power, whether it be from the subconscious mind, from others, from the Illuminati, from those that want to control you, or to bind you to the lower dimensions and to old monetary systems, to old financial and economic institutes. It is a time of revelations, sweet ones and indeed expressed through this Initiation of Revelation amplified and experienced through the Wesak Full Moon on May the 6th. This powerful ceremony of Light is experienced globally, and it is said that the Masters from Shamballa shine their Light through the Overlighting of Lord Buddha at this time, onto the souls of all humanity, in such a way that they come into deeper levels of compassion and Love. Understand that the struggles and strife and challenges have brought you to this Now point in time sweet ones, and know that the timelines before you, the Christed timelines, are simply those of Divine Love. This window of opportunity takes you into this Initiation of Revelation and the possibility of the second wave of ascension to be experienced from June the 6th, to June the 20th. June the 6th sweet ones, at the time of the Venus transit, is indeed the merging of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetypes within yourselves, focused once more through Lake Titicaca and indeed through the Sedona vortex; amplifying that of the Divine Feminine merging with the Divine Masculine through these vortices, experienced initially through the 11-11-11 Gateway of Divine Love. Indeed sweet ones, this Initiation of Revelation takes you energetically into Shamballa, into the Crystalline Cities of Light within Shamballa, to the Ascension Seats and Ashrams. At this stage of your initiations you are known as Chela on the Thread. Chela on the Thread is the connection you have sweet ones, through your mighty I AM Presence, you Christed Overselves of the Light, to the Ascended Masters, the Ray Masters of Light within Shamballa, and you are working primarily at this stage with the first three ashrams of Will and Power, Love-Wisdom and Divine Intelligence respectively. It is a time, sweet ones, when you have a better understanding of your service work, of Service in Love; of experiencing the Center of Creation in Divine Love, of taking this on through a reflection of your Godself in deeper levels of Love, of compassion, of empowerment and wisdom. Through seeing the Godself in yourselves, you recognize the Godself in others. In coming through onto this earth plane, you came through through on one of these three master rays. The First Ray of Will and Power is being experienced now, sweet ones, over this month of May. The Third Ray of Divine Intelligence is experienced through the Ascension Gateway in June and is in fact called the “Ascension”, and the Second Ray of Love Wisdom is the Seventh Initiatory Gateway of Light, to be experienced in the month of July. And it is from that time, sweet ones, that you will truly experience and embody yourselves in the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light. You are still building the I AM Avatar Bodies of Light, of merging on deeper levels with your mighty I AM Presence, of creating the Light Body energetically, the etheric, electronic Body of Light, and with this, experiencing the Light Body of Mother Earth.

Let us tell you a little more about these sacred dates, sweet ones. As you enter into this World Liberation Day gather in circles, sweet ones, at 05-05-05 your time in the morning and the evening. Take out this wave of Divine Love in this beautiful Red Flame of Light, of empowerment, allowing all of humanity to experience a deeper level of their own power, while trusting and surrendering to the Divine. The Wesak Full Moon is again a day of celebration. Experience yourselves within the Crystalline City of Light within Shamballa through the Ray Ashrams and Masters that you are drawn to, as you undertake these initiations on the inner planes to assist in this physical ascension en masse into Solar Christ consciousness. May the 20th, sweet ones, is indeed a Grand Alignment of Light with the Pleiades constellation and Alcyone, and a moment to experience the key codes and crystalline matrix through the New Earth Templates of Divine Love. Use this time sweet ones, to go into the Temples of Divine Love holding these matrices, these fifth dimensional templates of no time, no space, connecting you to the vibration in which you will experience yourselves permanently as you move through this ascension process as these Christ Conscious Beings of Light and transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. You have waited 26,000 years, sweet ones, to experience this “Ring of Fire”. Additionally activating the axiatonal lines within your body connects into the axiatonal lines of Mother Earth which is why we experience this as a “Ring of Fire”. The axiatonal lines create a deeper merging with the I AM Presence through activating the spin points along the meridian lines in particular sound and color frequencies. Amplified through the Photonic Rays of Light in this alignment of light to the Pleiades constellation, you will experience a releasing of old karmic patternings to the maximum cosmic law will allow, and a deeper understanding of your star heritage as these Star Beings of Light.

So this month in particular, leading up to May the 20th, will see many deep activations as this Crystalline Matrix is holographically experienced through the Light Body of Mother Earth and through your Light Bodies sweet ones. As these key codes are activated to the maximum cosmic law will allow sweet ones, you will find yourselves in oscillating moments, intensifying to truly lift all veils of illusions, to truly come into that sense of completely trusting and surrendering to the Divine. You are moving into working with the upper chakras too, sweet ones, and this First Ray of Will and Power activates the solar plexus chakra in clearing, in coming into discernment and clear boundaries and further activates the crown chakra in through a recalibration of the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands, and the start of this merging into the Divine Masculine through this eclipse, this Solar Eclipse on May the 20th. It is a time sweet ones, of truly embracing the Divine Masculine within yourselves; of finding the strength and the empowerment of finding the knowing of “Who You Are” as a spiritual warrior of light. The spiritual warrior of light knows when to step forward in dynamic right action and when to step back in Love and wisdom. Archetypally expressed as a warrior on his chariot going forth to war, his strong right arm protecting his people and insuring that justice shall be served and holding the Sword of Holy Truth; at this stage amplified through the energy of Archangel Michael, who comes through with the Sword of Holy Truth, to cut away the ties, the old levels of bondage of giving your power to others, to the subconscious mind and negative ego. This is the time sweet ones when you rise en masse to the collective consciousness of empowerment and wisdom and Divine Love through the embrace of the Divine Masculine archetype of Light.

May the 21st brings through the activation of the Cosmic Christ holographic discs. We have explained there are thirteen major discs and twenty minor discs, and what is being activated now is the fifth major Cosmic Christ holographic disc through the spinal column and two of the minor discs. Hold the knowing sweet ones, of all “That You Are” as this recalibration takes place through the cerebrospinal fluid, into the chakras, the nadis and through the axiatonal lines. Shifts and changes are occurring not only in the consciousness of yourselves in lifting your vibrational frequency, but within the body, within the sensory system and central nervous system, these recalibrations are taking place. And how this will be experienced with each one of you individually sweet ones, will be unique according your vibration and what you are working with, but indeed do not be surprised with many of the ascension symptoms. They will clear in due course as you align yourselves to vibratory levels of Light that you are able to sustain longer through the Christed timelines of Light and New Earth templates.

And now sweet ones, you are lifted in Soul consciousness in this external Merkaba Vehicle of Light into Shamballa; initially now into the Ascension Seat of this First Ray of Will and Power. As you find yourself within this Ascension Seat, you are surrounded in this beautiful Red Flame of Light. Master El Morya comes forward to warmly welcome you and you are further greeted by Archangels Michael and Faith and Elohim Hercules and Amazonia. Have a sense now of the qualities of will to good, individuality, vitality, singleness of purpose and clear vision being anchored and activated through the crown chakra sweet ones. Have a sense of your uniqueness, immeasurable in your magnificence as you connect into the Center of Divine Love, to the wisdom of Mother-Father God, and through Shamballa, into the Cosmic Heart of all Creation. And now, to the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth and all her Life, as you assist now through this World Liberation and Peace Day in creating deeper levels of empowerment and love and wisdom for all Life on this earth plane. Wonderful.
And now sweet ones, as you come back into Shamballa, you are greeted by the Ray Masters, who come forward one at a time to embrace you. Have a sense of those you feel most closely connected to in this Now moment, that you are experiencing your personal discipleship with as a Chela on the Thread. Master El Morya sends you his Love. Master Kuthumi through the second Ray Ashram of Love and Wisdom. Master Serapis Bey through the third Ray Ashram of Divine Intelligence comes forward to welcome you now. Paul the Venetian from the fourth Ray Ashram now comes forth to embrace you. Master Hilarion from the fifth Ray Ashram comes forward to embrace you, sending you his Light. Master Sananda from the sixth Ray Ashram sends you his Love now. St Germain from the seventh Ray Ashram comes forward to embrace you. Lady Nada comes forward from the eighth Ray Ashram, welcoming you, loving you. Mother Mary from the ninth Ray Ashram. Allah Gobi from the tenth Ray Ashram sends you his Love. Feel this Love sweet ones. Lady Quan Yin from the eleventh Ray Ashram, and now Pallas Athena from the twelfth Ray Ashram. And now before you sweet ones appears Lord Buddha. You are embraced in the heavenly energy of this Planetary Logos of Light. As you experience the Wesak Full Moon, allow yourselves to simply open and receive. Have a knowing of the deep Love you have within yourselves, of the compassion, of the wisdom. Know the choices that you have made to bring yourself to this point sweet ones have indeed not been easy. As Light Workers and Starseeded ones, you have paved the way through the dualities on this earth plane for others to follow, and now these energies are to be received by all Life through your service work. And receive now yourselves sweet ones, this beautiful divine embrace of Lord Buddha and the Ray Ashram Masters. Wonderful. And now you find yourselves within the Unity Grid of Divine Love. As May the 20th approaches, as this Solar Eclipse occurs with this “Ring of Fire”, the axiatonal lines along your body are being activated, bringing a deeper merger of your I AM Presence in sound and color frequencies; in harmonic resonance and vibrational Christed frequencies of light within yourselves and through Mother Earth, through her sacred Light Body and the Crystalline Grid of Divine Love. Wonderful, sweet ones. Feel yourselves connecting to all the Light Workers and Starseeded ones. Connect now through the Sun and New Moon into the Pleiades constellation, allowing the Photonic Rays of Light to spin the subatomic particles within the body in increased frequencies of Light. The positron electron pairs within the body are spinning out old karmic patternings and opening into the Christed timelines of Light through the New Earth Templates of Divine Love as you are lifted into this fifth dimensional frequency of Divine Love. Now find yourselves embracing the Divine Masculine within. Let the Divine Feminine come and express herself in the goddess that she is, in the honoring of the Divine Masculine. For this merger that is to occur on June the 6th through the Venus transit of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, is the amplification of this Ascension Gateway leading to June the 20th and 21st, the time of the Solstice. And this is the time now, sweet ones, to truly experience the Divine Masculine within yourselves so you can embrace the Divine Feminine through the gateway on June the 4th and experience the Venus transit through merging with all twelve Higher Selves of your Self. The twelve Higher Selves of the Light that create this matrix of Divine Love in energetic vibration to your I AM Presence, and this merging further brings about the Twin Flame reunion within.

Now connected through the Unity Grid of Divine Love to the Pleiades, surround yourselves again in this beautiful sacred Red Flame of Empowerment and Love. Now sweet ones, experience the activation of the Cosmic Christ holographic discs. Feel the sensory perception within yourselves shift and change as the crystalline vibration of Light and key codes start to be activated within your body and around the Light Body of Mother Earth. Wonderful. Come into that sensory perception of yourselves, of your preciousness and magnificence, and the connection you have to the Company of Heaven and to the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. You are all Melchizedek ambassadors of Light, sweet ones. Many of you are further Pleiadian starseeds. Awaken to this remembrance of being Pleiadian or Sirian or Andromedan starseeds sweet ones. These are the energies that Overlight you through the sacred months of May, June and July. Feel this connection of Light now into this fifth dimensional frequency through the Pleiades constellation and into Alcyone in particular. Now find yourselves, sweet ones, within the Pleiades constellation, within this beautiful multicolored hued Crystalline City of Light, greeted and warmly welcomed by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. Wonderful. You are taken into a Temple of Divine Love within the Pleiades constellation, to this Ascension Seat, and greeted by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. They now place within your heart an octahedronal shaped crystal that will assist you in this Now sweet ones, in creating the frequencies of Light that will spin the Fibonacci ratios within your body and through the chakras to the correct ratios. As you are taken into this Temple of Divine Love, surrounded by your fifth dimensional soul family and friends of the light, bring a focus to the base chakra, to this Fibonacci ratio of 8/5 (8 to 5) as this chakra spins in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction respectively. Now bring a focus to the sacral chakra, spinning in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction respectively, to the Fibonacci ratio of 13/8, clearing out all the distorted patternings through the Photonic Rays, bringing in this Fibonacci ratio that will assist in creating this unified column of light through the chakras. As you bring a focus to the solar plexus chakra now, it is amplified through the Fibonacci ratio of 21/13 spinning in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction respectively. As you bring a focus to the hear chakra, it starts to spin now to the Fibonacci ratio of 34/21 in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction respectively, opening you to a deeper level of Divine Love. As you bring a focus the throat chakra now, it is amplified now to the Fibonacci ratio of 55/34. And now the third eye spins to the Fibonacci ratio of 89/55. And lastly sweet ones, the crown chakra now spins to the Fibonacci ratio of 144/89, to the Christ Consciousness number of this multi-universe, amplified now through this First Ray of Will and Power and the merging of the Divine Masculine. As the chakras start to merge now in one unified column of Light, as the DNA is now activated to the maximum cosmic law will allow through these solar codes of Light, bring your focus to the Sun, to the Central Sun, to the Pleiades, and now to the Great Central Sun. Make this connection now into the Inner Earth Sun. Feel this Golden Solar Sun Disc within your hearts, the Solar Heart of Light, sweet ones. Know that in this Ascension Gateway of Light, you are ascending. As this next wave is upon you very shortly, you are preparing yourselves through the letting go of the remnants of the negative ego and the creation of the I AM Avatar Blueprint of Light. Wonderful.

Come back into your sacred space sweet ones. As you thank all these Beings of Light now, continue to surround yourselves in this beautiful Red Flame of Will and Power, trusting, surrendering to the Divine, as you bring in now the Golden Flame of One Unity Consciousness. Truly we appreciate you and your service work, and honor you as these transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. Use this window of opportunity wisely sweet ones. Bring a focus to what you need to shift and change over this month of May in this Initiation of Revelation to undergo the Initiation of Ascension through the June Initiatory Gateway of Light. We thank you for your service work. And with this we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Zulma

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