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My dream and Isis explanation

My dream and Isis explanation

Last night I had a dream and Isis keeps reminding me so I finally took some time to ask her for the explanation.
This was my dream.

I was standing near a river with many people just watching the boats go by.

One of those boats had a woman in it and she lost two life savers, they were blue rings floating in the water. She was in a motor boat and going pretty fast.

Everyone looked at those blue life savers in the water and was asking the question:

If there are two life savers and there is only one woman in the boat, where is the other person?

So we all decided to go into the water and look for this person.

The water was not deep and came up only to about just under my arms.

The water was however dark and murky and you could not see anything.

But still everyone was just looking to see if they could see through it.

My thought was that this was crazy and I started moving my foot to see if I could feel something. I didn't even have to move far, just about one foot away and my foot caught up on something, taking it up, it was a woman and she had just stopped breathing. I brought her back to life.

Everyone was standing around me asking me how I did that, they didn't understand how I found her.
That was the end of my dream.

Isis really wanted to give me an explanation of this as it seems to be very important on how we look at the physical and spiritual reality as well as how we understand the relation between them.
So here it is.

The dream represents the relation that many have between their physical part and spiritual part. At this time many are focused on understanding and becoming that spiritual part again. What many forget is that the physical part, the human part also belongs to that spiritual part.

The human part is just like the spiritual part made of several spiritual bodies.

Now in the dream everyone is afraid of looking into the physical world, the physical dimensions. The water is murky and they cannot see through it.

This is where the problems lies as many do not understand the control system that is in place within the physical world, they are focused on just connecting to the spiritual world.

The importance in this is that you have to be able to move within those murky waters. If you really want to help yourself, and from there help others awaken, you have to be able to move freely within those murky waters, without fear, without apprehension.

You cannot ignore your physical parts as they are the connection or bridge to really become consciously awake.

You cannot ignore what is happening in the physical world.

Even though many might see the physical world as a non-reality, your physical human is within this world, this reality, which means parts of your spiritual being are within the physical reality.

This is where you will have to deal with the rules of the play and deal with the human reality, real or not real does not matter at that point.

As you see yourself moving your foot onto the bottom of the river, you are working within the physical world and bringing the others from the ground up.

You do not start at the spiritual levels, you start at the physical levels from where you connect them up to their spiritual level.

You brought the woman up out of the water, so you raised her up through the physical world and brought her back to the real life within the spiritual world.

This is how the work needs to be done, there is a need for many to accept their human part as part of their spiritual part and know that to really move into the spiritual reality, they have to integrate the spiritual parts within the human part as this is what brings in the reality of the spiritual being into the human, physical reality.

Many do not see the importance as they are focused on raising their frequency and stay within that frequency.

They want to move out of the physical world, they do not realize that to really move out of the physical reality you have to bring the spiritual reality into the physical reality.


Through Petra Margolis
October 23, 2011

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