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RECEIVING THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM Children of the Sun Rites of Passage


Children of the Sun Rites of Passage

7 Rites, 7 Seals, 7 Gifts

September 25 to November 11, 2011

We are preparing to enter through the eye of the needle, the ring-pass-not between this reality and the ascended realms. Now is the time to look within, piercing into the deep recesses of our being to ensure there is nothing that will stand in the way of our Group Avatar liberation.

Rites of Passage

Through the power of Divine Inspiration, the guiding Oracles of the Children of the Sun Foundation have co-created seven Rites of Passage to initiate the required levels of mastery that support the most powerful level of participation in the activation of the 11-11-11 Stargate.

Each Rite will take us on a guided journey to the Source of our Being while focusing upon a particular I AM Avatar principle. This experiential focus will serve as a stimulus to kindle the Divine Remembrance of the New Earth codes residing in our Divine Blueprint. As we fire these codes into full momentum, we ready ourselves to act as living Stargates who are prepared to support the primary portal activation.

These Rites also come with timely planetary service.

Preparing the Temple

These Rites are specifically attuned to the Children of the Sun Group Avatar and those of us with a mission of self mastering the limitations of the dual world. These Rites are an exercise of reviewing through the checklist, so to speak, last minute preparations to make sure the Temple is in order and to make last minute refinements within our conscious body vehicle. This is not instruction. It is vibrational attunement to fuel the firing of the DNA that is already unraveling. These Rites will keep us focused and in daily group rhythm.

7 Rites in 7 Weeks

Beginning on the first Sunday following the Equinox, we come together as One upon the planetary Crystalline Grid to undergo the first of seven Rites of Passage into the New Earth. This is a sacred act of review together with support from the Realms of Illumined Truth, within the merkaba of our Group Avatar vehicle.

Please enter this experience with humility and grace, surrendering all expectation. These Rites can be practiced diligently each day or as often as feels comfortable and suitable for your personal preparation.

As we draw closer to the 11-11-11, we purge ourselves completely of the past and welcome the rebirth of our Divine Blueprint as we reach the conclusion of our earthly initiations.

Purify and prepare was the call sounded by Ascended Host to the human race... and with our final rite complete, we have fulfilled our preordained choice to answer that call!


(for the more linear understandings)

Steve "Aniel" Pitt
Lightworker Guild

PDF Article: 5-D portal to the Crystalline Entity
"With Venus and Earth in alignment, the harmonics of 5 are magnified by Elenin on the Equinox which resonates all the way to 5-D. It brings in the energies necessary to establish the crystal grid's geometry in both gravitational waves and spiritual waves for they are both the same. To have pentagonal symmetry is to be sympathetic to all life in a unified field of love. This will be transforming for all life including Gaia. Those that harmonize in love and unity will flourish in this Fifth Day of the Ninth Wave called; 'the Flowering'."

Earth-Keeper/James Tyberonn reference articles:
"On the Triple-Date-Portal of the 11-11-11 the last of the thee Atlantean Temple Crystals, the Platinum Crystal of Interdimensional Communication will be activated from its long dormancy and join with the Emerald Crystal and Blue Crystal of Knowledge to finalize the combined components of the NEW ARK Crystal Vortex. It will be triggered by a Cosmic Force generated through the 144-Grid..."

Lake Titicaca Sacred Bolivia

Arkansas: Crysto Coding the Sun Discs

Golden Sun Disc Emit Zero Point Energy

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