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martix removal and other spirited clearings...there's a playback link for previous class

Spirited Clearings
by Dr Margaret Hoopes

Spring Cleaning -
A Path to the New You.


Join the
April 7th, 2010 6:15pm (call opens)
Class Starts: 6:30pm - 8pm PT
Free entrance to All who choose to empower themselves,
Long distance charges are your responsibility
Phone: 712.432.0075 Access Code: 942540
class agenda
A Grand Review and Update on the past 3 months
Bring your personal issues to class, Meg will be assessing the needs of the class for clearing.
Class will open with an uplifting meditation by Elise, the call moderator

A Core Fear Matrix Release Exercise Fear has no place in the our lives at this time. The more you are able to clear the issues surrounding Fear the more Freedom and lightness you will experience in your life. You are either living in fear or love; clear what is in the way of being in love, Now. Make a list of the fears that are getting in your way
Removal of the Negative Programs and Dendrites and replacement techniques will be reviewed with your issues in mind. Repeated use of this process is like wiping a window clean; with each stroke, or each clearing your path gets clearer and more free. You become lighter. Bring your list of Your issues (stuckness) for Transformation that have been nagging you to be cleared.

Repeated use of this process is like wiping a window clean; with each stroke, or each clearing your path gets clearer and more free. You become lighter.

Other Class exercises may include the Compassionate Heart Exercise, the Present Life Cleanse, Muscle testing techniques, discussion of the Ascended Masters and Angels guided to help us, and music to amplify the heart felt clearing.

Question and Answer session
will follow the class.

Spring Clearning a path to the new you.
I am delighted to invited you to join us for our 23nd teleconference class utilizing these Divinely inspired clearing tools for freeing yourself of all that holds you from uplifing, Ascending and healing your entire being.
This is truly Freedom in motion.

This is an interactive class, so come with an open heart, the desire to heal; bring your issues, beliefs, and baggage that you no longer wish to keep in your being.
This is a Powerful process, you will be amazed how much “stuff” you are still carrying around. You will find that clearing the past is easier than you would have thought it could be.

Remember, we don’t have to struggle anymore!
Your pain and suffering comes from blockages, programs, and habitual thinking playing within your being which block you from being able to recieve more and more light from Creator Source Divine.
These Roadblocks can be removed by these Spirited Clearing Processes. This includes all of our bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and etheric and all our lives, past, present, and parallel. This is about our Freedom, as we remember our Divinity, and begin living it Now.


Dr. Margaret (Meg) Hoopes, is a delightful engaging woman of depth and wisdom, an accomplished spiritual journeyor, a master of the art of working with the whole person - body, mind, and spirit. Her curiosity and her compulsion to find answers guide her into new paths of knowing. Meg’s playful sense of humor adds perspective and fun.

Meg has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota and has trained marriage and family therapists in a university context for 25 years. She is co-author of Uncovering Shame, a major textbook on dealing with shame issues in individuals and families, and Birth Order Roles and Sibling Positions, a book about birth order positions from a family systems perspective.

Dr. Margaret’s (Meg) Mission
* Ascend with Mother Gaia and to be fully in service to her,as we each clear and heal ourselves we also cleanse the planet. * To savor and share the gifts given to me for healing myself and others, and to cause no harm to anyone. * To live life fully directed by my compassionate heart and illumined mind.

Meg’s email: megglet@scattercreek.com
Please allow for some time for a response.

Did you Miss the last class?
You can review the previous class by listening to it again
or by phone: Playback number: (712) 432-1085
Participant access code: 942540

Please review some of the exercises on the website, and please bring paper and pencil for notes to class.

Next teleconference classes are
April 21st and May 5th & 19th 2010

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