21 Mart 2010 Pazar

Platinum Net Sweep (we are getting this, approx. in 5 hours tonight)

Platinum Net Sweep

The Platinum Net to sweep over yourself and/or your group first, so that you can be cleared of your own misqualified energies. Then request that the same be done for the planet as a whole. Request this for the physical, etheric, astral and mental atmosphere of Earth. In this way each of the four lower bodies of Earth herself will receive one of the most potent cleansing, purifying, and healing tools being currently offered by the Cosmic Masters. Fully visualize a gigantic Platinum Net sweeping over the four bodies of the planet and cleansing these bodies of as much debris as possible. The more this is done, the healthier the planet will become.

WHEN: Sunday March 21th AT 9:00PM EST

COST $ 25.00


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