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Meditation for the Earth Mother

Meditation for the Earth Mother

Call first for the overlighting presence of your own Monad. Then from that place, invoke within all of the Masters who work with the physical, etheric, astral, and mental bodies of Earth herself. Call specifically upon Lord Buddha, our Planetary Logos. Allow these wonderful healing energies to pour through you and fill your entire being. When you feel fully infused with these Divine energies, anchor your own grounding cord deep into the Earth. Turn your palms upward on your lap, or even extend the arms upward for a time if you like. Ask that the healing currents of all the blessed Masters whose presence you have invoked flow through you and outward into the Earth.

First visualize and direct these energies into the very Core Heart of Mother Earth. Ask that there be a balancing and harmonizing within the very foundation of the planet itself. Pour forth love that all that needs healing may be healed, balanced, and cleansed through grace rather than karma. Then put your attention upon the Earth's etheric body. Once again, ask all the Masters in attendance to help radiate through you their blessed healing energies. Do the same for the astral atmosphere and astral body of the Earth, that all negative emotions be brought to a quiet, peaceful, loving calm. Follow this with putting your attention upon the mental atmosphere or mental body of Earth. Send out only positive thoughtforms. Ask the Masters to again bless and heal through you, and to infuse the mental world with their Divine and glorious vision of positivity. Ask them to fill the mental atmosphere with their own thought outpicturing of the wondrous expression of the next millennium. Let all these blessings come to harmony within yourself. Continue to meditate for as long as you feel comfortable, knowing that you are acting as a focal point for healing Mother Earth.

WHEN: Sunday March 28th AT 9:00PM EST

COST $ 25.00


for a better understanding of our lightbodies please see http://bit.ly/ax4Yce

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