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Equinox Ceremony & Meditation for the Cosmic Trigger (March 20)

great meditation and mudra and visualizastion below :)

The EQUINOX Is Saturday March 20th
"The Equinox Phase is 3 Days, the day prior, day of and day after the apexial fulcrum. Indeed the energy gate is available to all within these timings for ceremony, and Masters, indeed ceremony is appropriate. Gather where you may to bond in this energy" AAMetatron



Equinox Ceremony (Scroll down)

Join the Global Family of Earth-Keepers in the Cosmic Trigger Meditation from Inside the Moody Blue Pyramid for Equinox Ceremony at 8:30 PM CDT on March 20, 2010.

grid 5

Use the below link for time zone conversions for areas outside of the USA


Equinox - Cosmic Trigger

Meditation & Ceremony

Find a Relaxing Place to Sit...

If you have crystals, place them around you forming an etheric circle. Keep one crystal, preferably a Phi Vogel or Crystal Skull, in hand or within touch.

Form the mudra with thumb and middle finger, face the palms up, fingers at rest but not touching, other than thumb to middle finger. We will hold this mudra for the entire meditation.

Begin the infinity (figure 8) breath, 8 count inhale and 8 count exhale.

Inhale thru the nasal passage, exhale thru the mouth - for 8 minutes.

In your mind's eye surround your field with Violet Light fed by the Violet Ray.

Form the Star Tetrahedron around you. Begin to rotate it anticlockwise.

Continue the Infinity Breath. Feel a deep sense of connection. Feel Love, Joy and Well Being.

Connect Your Heart Chakra to the receiving Pyramids. If you are in the eastern hemisphere, visualize first the connection the Giza Complex. If you are in the Western Hemisphere visualize first connection to the Moody Pyramids. Then connect the two Pyramids, and bring the connection back to your heart, and feel energy circulate thru the triangulated connection.

Then visualize an enormous golden Beam of Light being emitted by the Great Central Sun. See it flow to the Planetary Crystal Grid. Then see it connect to both Pyramid complexes and then to all Crystalline Fields of the Planet.

Visualize the release of the sacred Crystal Codes from the Earth, and see crystalline diamond light envelop the planet. See in your mind's eye the planet expanding its energy field within the 144-Cyrstalline Grid and becoming bright and brighter.

Retain grounding in the 1st - 3rd dimensions, and connect to the core of the planet.

Then feel yourself and all Humanity rising into the Crystalline Non Polarity Energy Fields beginning in the 5th dimension and rising one by one to the 12th dimension.

Feel a connection to ALL Humanity and Project UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, Crystalline Love.

Go into rapid breath, inhale in and exhale out thru the mouth, as quickly as you can for 15 seconds.


Upon completion of the Affirmations release a Crystalline-Platinum Wave containing the energy of LOVE. It is a Platinum Light Tsunami-Wave that penetrates all dimensions of your Beingness. Send it to the Crystalline 144-Grid. And then feel the wave coming back into you as a shimmering diamond light containing within it all of the sacred Crystalline Codes of the Cosmic Trigger and of the Crystalline Earth. Feel these codes inside you, become these Crystal Codes. Now convert your Light Body to pure crystal and allow it to integrate the Crytsal Codes. You will know when this has been programmed and completed.

Continue infinity breathe for 3-4 minutes. Until you sense the completion.

Then open your eyes in JOY....Crystalline JOY and HIGHEST GOOD.


The Coded Crystals of the Law of One

On the 2010 Activation long dormant coded crystalline energies will Activate and Release sacred crystalline Energies as part of the Cosmic Trigger. These are stored in in 25 primary locations across the planet. These locations are:

1. Minas Gerais Brazil
2. Bahia, Brazil
3. Arkansas
4. Muzo, Colombia
5. Anahi ,Bolivia
6. Herkimer, New York
7. Himalayas (Tibet/Nepal)
8. Santa Fe, New Mexico ( Mt Trucha)
9. Tsavo, Tanzania
10. Torres del Paine, Chile
11. Dauphine , France(Kingsgate Near Glen Innis)
12. New South Wales, Australia
13. Cairngorm Mtns, Scotland
14. Galicia, Spain
15. British Colombia, Canada
16. Ural Mountains, Russia
17. Gobi Desert, Mongolia
18. Quartz Reef, New Zealand
19. Swiss Alps
20. Karas Mtns, Namibia
21. Hiraizumi, Japan
22. Huaxi, China
23. Thunder Bay, Canada
24. Western Carolinas-Asheville-Blue Ridge Mtns
25. Table Mtn, South Africa

"The Cosmic Trigger Equinoxial release occurs after inital receival within the 29 degree latitude-north Tri-Pyramid Complexes : Moody Pyramids for Western Hemisphere & Giza Pyramids for Eastern Hemisphere. The Trigger then signals the coded crystals and triggers the release.Masters of the Law of One, long have you waited for these codes to re-emerge!" AAMetatron


Where Will You Be on the Equinox ?
Still Time to Join us in the Moody Blue Pyramid.

Galv-Speakers Collage Full

Galveston Healers Email Contacts:

If you are interested in a Healing Session during yr time in Galveston the below listed Master Healers are available and are offering special reduced rates for their sessions for this powerful Family Gathering in the Moody Pyramids. Most sessions are 30 to 45 minutes, and the rate is $77. Plse do consider pre-booking.

These are all extremely gifted & highly developed Master Healers and brilliant joyful souls who sincerely desire to heal, love and help others. We highly recommend pre-booking your sessions as some will sell out prior to the event. Do take advantage of the reduced rates and wonderfully varied healing modalities which are very synchronistic and amplified in the energies of the Pyramid and Equinox. More detailed information on their modalities are listed further down in indivudal descriptions in this Newsletter. You may wish to book one or more per day. Sessions will be conducted thru out the weekend and during the lectures, with the only blocked timings during the Pyramid Meditation and Metatron Channel. (And for MK-2 Students during Friday Course).

Dr Y Lee -Master Acupuncturist - ccn9988@yahoo.com or 713 988-9898

Dr Jaap Van Etten- Crystal Skull Readings - jaapvanetten@earthlink.net

Anaya-Ra ( Nina Brown) - DNA & Crystalline Tone Upshift - nina@crystalsinger.com

Adrienne Goff - Crystal Healing -Email -adriennegoff@yahoo.com

Angie Carter - Tesla Violet Ray (LBG) Unit Healing- angiecarter@verizon.net

Marilyn & Frans Baars - Archangel Healing -mmmnrgy@yahoo.com

Bruce ' Gentle Bear' Durward - Shamangelic Phi Healing - bruce.durward@gmail.com

Harry B Happy - Buddhist Harmonic Healing - harrybhappy@harmonicthought.com

Crystal-Star Walker- White Phi -Obstacle Release- cjwalker333@comcast.net

Che xel-Ra - Rewiring to Phi Energy- infusionsoflight@yahoo.com

Neil Froeming & Shirely Moore- Bio Feedback - sam44@Q.com

Bwaun Equa (Linda Beaucage) - Reiki-Shamanic Healing- bwaunequa@yahoo.ca

AVIDA YULA ( Sara Blank) EDINA-Reiki Healing :sarablank2007@gmail.com

Final Agenda - Galveston Cosmic Trigger

Equinox in the Pyramids
Galveston Island Texas - Live Seminar
The Below Agenda is Tentatively Final but may be subject to minor changes

Tri Pyramids Trigger
We are unable to accept checks after March 14th. Payment online via PayPal or via Credit Card. Still time to register online or call Anne at 936 522-8804. $20 Surcharge for Paying at the Door... (if you have not pre-registered.)

Is the Blue Pyramid Calling You?
Still Time to Join us!

Friday - March 19 - Metatronic Keys-Level 2
View-Finder Room Moody Gardens Hotel 9th floor

09:00 - 09:30 - Registration
09:30 - 12:00 -MK-2 (Set Circuitry - Embedding Exercises 1-3, Blue Tsunami Clearing)
1:30 - 4:30 - Installing the 12-Star Mer-Ka-Va

7 pm-8:30 pm Friday: Book Signings
View Finder Room
Dr Robert Pettit - Dr Jaap Van Etten - Harry Bartholomew - Linda Beaucage ( Bwaun Equa) - Dr Sam Osmanagich, Michael Jaco

Saturday - March 20 - View Finder Room (9th Floor)

08:30 - 09:00 - Registration
09:00 - 09:15 - Opening Welcome & Introductions - James Tyberonn
09:15 -10:00 - Crystalline Age, Pyramids & The Cosmic Trigger - J Tyberonn
10:00 - 11:00 - Healing Gems - Adrienne Goff
11:00 - 11:30 - Harry B Happy
11:30 - 12:00 - Dr Y Lee - Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Healing
12:00- 1:30 - Lunch Break
1:30- 2:00 - Music with Fred Mitchim & Ron Crose
2:00 - 3:30 - Dr Jaap Van Etten - The Enigma of the Crystal Skulls
3:30 - 3:45 - Break
3:45 - 5:15 - Dr Semir Osmanagich - The Ancient Pyramids of Bosnia

5-:30 - 7:00 - Break for Dinner

Saturday Equinox in the Blue Pyramid

7:00- 10:00 pm

7:30 - 8:00 - Music Ron & Fred
8:00- 8:30 - Anaya Ra - Crystal Star Walker - Che xel-Ra
8:30-9:00 - Cosmic Trigger Meditation - Tyberonn with Suan -Flute & Ron & Fred
9:00 - 9:30 - Channeling the Archangels - Marilyn & Frans Baars

Sunday - March 21
09:00 - 09:15 - Open Welcome-Energy Build
09:15 - 10:30 - Dr Robert Pettit - Light Body & the Ascension
Break -10:30 - 10:45
10:45 - 12:15 - Dr Jaap Van Etten - Working with Crystal Skulls
12:15 - 1:45 Lunch Break
1:45 - 2:30 - Walking Your Talk- Impeccability - Crystal Star Walker
2:30- 3:15 - Music
3:15- 4:00 Live Metatron Channel

Atlantis rising

Cosmic Trigger Galveston
Registered Attendees as of March 15

Marti Senterfit
David A Tortoris
Maggie Harris
Nina Brown
Celine Buron
Jean Claude Savard
Steve Senterfit
Elizabeth R Kennedy
Edita Verespej
Vivian Leach
Michael Firewalker MR
Ralph Rody
Sharon Sessions
Bruce Durward
Frans Baar
Marilyn Baars
Bwaun Equa
Fred Mitchim
Ron Crose
Harry Bartholomew
Dr Robert Pettit
Betty Pettit
Dr Y Lee
Michelle Lee
Ken Landis
Adrienne Goff
Raquel Spencer
Neil Froeming
Shirley Moore
Sara Florida Blank
Jaap Van Etten
Jeanne Michaels
Angie Carter
Denise Troyer
C J Walker
Deborah Zettner
Joy Hansen
Chuck Hansen
Michell Grace Mesa
Girard Riehl
Madeline Riehl
Pamela Maldonado
Susan Adams
Marlee Wegner
Roy Brown
Luanne Cadden
Marsha Eten
Gina Higdon
Kenneth Goff
Jan Goff
Kathleen Caruso
Carol Poe
Susan Stinson
Bob Stinson
Katy Garing
Lori Young
Catherine Nowak
Sue Ann Armstrong
Kerry Maloney-Stewart
Kathy Trump
Cheryl Taylor
Michael Jaco
Tracy Jo Jaco
Donna H Brown
Claudia Lyons
Alice McCutcheon
Gheorghe p Popa
Alice Hathaway
Denise Leitch
Hajnal Laszlo
Henry Haeberle
Angela Brown
Tara Davis
Navin Surju
Cathy Suffel
Izabella Sari
Barbara L Irvin
Debra Griego
Tessie Robb
Julie Rainwater
vicki ludovico
Carol F Moore
Sussan E Moore
Daralyn Brody
Peggy Sue Skipper
Nancy Sheehan
Maria V Voitossevitch
Marina Sitner
Anne-Marie Desaulniers
Bettina k Baker
Lana Crow
Rita Mills
Yvonne Candelario
Elmarie Vuren
Marilyn A Rogers
Lisa Shannon
Mark Shannon
Deborah Robbins
Cathy Ingham
Matt Klima
Darryl Williams
Christine DuLong
Eugene Ahn
David Stroud
Malynda Cress
Svetlana Marsh
Elvira Podgorodetska
Arlene Maala
Sheila Stokes
Carol Poe
Edward C LeBlanc
Carol Miller
Kara Buchanan
Maria F Sexton
Karen N Warfield
Juliana Morris
Heloise Kendrick
Summer Parrish
Elizabeth Zachariah
Douglas S Cadwallader
Thomas Morrison
Crisostomo Jacinto
Kile Renshaw
Brenda Renshaw
Cindee Farkis
Richard Ornelas
Gwen Hughes
Nayda E. Portilla
Jasmine Hefferman
Rex Widle
Kendra Washington
Alayna Ra-Ta
Mikael Keen
Krishani Jacobs
Miguel DaCosta

If you are aware of any omissions or errors on the above list, kindly email Anne at earthkeeper@consolidated.net

Phase ll of the Cosmic Trigger
March 19-20-21 - 2010
The Crystalline Activation

Join us inside the Blue Pyramid on the Equinox March 20, 2010

Moody Pyra-dove

Equinox Earth-Keeper Pyramid Events

Event 1 - Galveston

*Friday-19 March 9am-5pm- Level ll 'Metatronic Keys' Certification Course

Event 2- Cosmic Trigger ll-Pyramid Gathering

*Saturday March 20th : 9 am - 5 pm - Ocean View Room
Saturday March 20th - Equinox - 7pm-9pm Meditation in the Blue Pyramid
*Sunday 9am - 4:30 pm - Ocean View Conference Room

Click Below Link to Register for Galveston:


* The Beautiful Ocean View Conference Room Overlooking the Pyramids in the Moody Gardens Hotel

Scroll Down for Event Registration, Musicians, Speakers, Healers & Schedule

Cosmic Trigger Galveston 2010

The Metatronic Keys Level 2

Activating the Crystalline MerKiVa
Release of Obstacles - Fear, Guilt, Ego Imblance
NOW-TIme : Changing the Past & Scripting the Future
Finding Impeccability
Activating the 12-Point Star of MerKiVah

March 19th - Galveston - Must Attend Level One Before Attending Level 2


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