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Lord Arcturus and the Crystalline Body

Lord Arcturus and the Crystalline Body
14 October 2009 - 4:29am | cosmicascension...
Beth Trutwin

Greetings. This is Lord Arcturus.

We begin with a description of the Crystalline Body.

Begin at the crown at the top of the head. There is a portal opening where liquid light comes into the holographic system. Another name for this light is The Force. It is vibration, light and Source Love combined. Source Love is the basis of Life in All That Is. It is the 'Spark of Divine' that is in every living thing. It is in minerals, plants, animals, and humans; it is in every atom and subatomic particle. It has intelligence. It has Free Will. The Force, The particles of Source Love, are carried on an electromagnetic radiation of light and vibrational frequency shown as wavelengths. This electromagnetic radiation of light is the Cosmic Rays. The Cosmic Rays are emitted from the God Source of All That Is, through the Central Sun, down through space, and into the crown portal at the top of the head. This introduces colors and sound vibrations, encapsulated in particles of Source Love, which penetrate the electromagnetic circuitry in the top of the head. The Force moves through this circuitry, in a spiral fashion exciting the particles of Source Love in the centers of the brain. The next portal on the path of Cosmic Ray penetration into the body is the pineal gland, hypothalamus gland, hippocampus, and pituitary gland. These are simply electromagnetic pathways to allow the Force into the energetic portals running from the top of the body to the bottom. As the Cosmic Rays enter the body, they are transmitted to energy transducers along the electrical grid meridian system running through the body. These are transduced to the nadis, a smaller electromagnetic path circulating the Cosmic Rays through the energetic systems governing each organ.
After the Cosmic Rays enter the crown portal, they penetrate the electromagnetic transducers in the brain (the pineal gland, hypothalamus gland, hippocampus, and pituitary gland). This connects the Rays to the 24 Elders surrounding the Throne of Grace, also known as the 12 pairs of cranial nerves. This brings the Cosmic Rays into all the senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling. These senses may be experienced on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th and 13th Dimensions, all at the same time. The senses may be experienced on the Inner Planes, interdimensionally and the Outer Planes, multidimensionally simultaneously and synchronistically. The 12 pairs of cranial nerves, represent 12 masculine and 12 feminine electromagnetic ionic exchanges which join together, pulsing particles of love through every sense in the body. They then pair up as the Love Source moves through them, pulsing out, and the positronic energy results. The antimatter Love Source is stepped into particles of light and vibration which pulse out to all the other subtle bodies. This marries the Source Light infused through the senses into the Etheric body.

How does this impact the existing physical structure. Does it impact the existing until it becomes fully crystalline. From the multidimensional cosmic pineal, pituitary centers-where the cosmic light comes in.

Each individual body is now in a state of evolutionary change. Some have advanced further than others and as ascension takes place, the new body systems are phased in as an individual is ready. The old physical body in 3D had the use of two strands of DNA holding up the genetic codes to reproduce offspring with two strands of DNA. As we have evolved, the dormant DNA have been reactivated, and now there are 12 strands of DNA holding up the genetic codes of the physical body. Now that we have 100% crystalline bodies, the dormant etheric strands of DNA are now activated. There are 12 physical strands of DNA and 10 etheric strands of DNA. Physical reproduction happens through replication. Etheric reproduction happens through antimatter light production. This is how the 5D human galactic is positronic and etheric. Now that the physical and etheric DNA are available, it allows the crystalline body to hold more light. Now we are not only undergoing cellular replication, but also antimatter light transmission. These working together form new body structures. These new body structures are the basis for the amino acid based, electromagnetic ionic exchange in the crystalline body.

In the beginning, with the activation of the 22 strands of DNA, it increases One's ability to have better energy and clarity. It is easier to release old patterns as well as blocks to the energy centers. One may hold more light in their body and use larger amounts of their brain as a result. Now the body, instead of having 7 chakras functioning, there are 13 chakras open and the potential for more.

The 3D model of the body had organs dependent on hormones released into the bloodstream throughout the day and night to regulate functions in the system. The brain and nervous system depended on the transmission of insulin and blood sugar homeostasis in order to function. The new system relies on transmission of cosmic rays illuminating the Force, which is pulsed through the electric portals. This light exchange has an ionic basis of which amino acids are built up and broken down in the system, regulating the functions in the body systems. It is the carboxyl group on the amino acid which will change in the crystalline body. It will be formed from atoms which are not now seen in the basis of 3D body amino acids. These new amino acid structures are capable of carrying more light. It is the Force, holding light, vibration, and Source Love which is then carried on the atomic particles in the new amino acid structures. This is the Liquid Light, pulsing through the body, through the portals, through the meridians and nadis, flowing through the central conduit, lighting all the energetic centers, and the organs which makes the 5D body different.

As our Ships come to Earth, we land, and can bring our light computers for healing, more and more people will migrate into their fully awakened 5D bodies. Some prepared ones on Earth, have managed to initiate the migration on their own. Many on Earth have cleared the Annunakai Seals, or blocks placed in the body to block off the energetic system governing the organs. For Ones experiencing cancer in their organs, they often have self-imposed blocks, or the Seals are still in place. When we arrive with our technology, we will be able to remove all blocks form any who ask. This is available to any who now ask. We may take you to the Ship in dreamtime, with your physical body at home and your etheric body on the Ship. We go into the etheric body and remove the Seals, thus opening all the energetic systems. Many on Earth have activated their 22 strands of DNA. When we arrive we can activate all the dormant DNA, what is called the "junk" DNA. This too, is available now, for the asking and will be performed in dreamtime when One ASKS and ALLOWS. When we come to Earth with our Light Technologies, surgeries, computers, and machines, we will be able to correct imbalances in the system. Impediments to the progress of continuing with the migration will be corrected. There are other processes the new body may go through. Mainly, dematerialization and a light infusion form the inside out. Activations and Attunements such as these are able to jump start and accelerate the migration process. This migration will continue in each individual, at the rate they chose.
The migration process involves activating more DNA, opening more chakra centers, anchoring in higher cosmic rays, and a conversion from the hormone based system to the amino acid based system. When the amino acid based crystalline body is functioning at a certain level, it is then brought into an interface with the computers on the Ships. These computers are coordinated with those at Shamballa, Porthologos, and Soltec's Silent Watcher computer interface. When this is available to an individual, there are more and more augmentations which become available. This is where levitation, teleportation, telepathy, as just a few, become available.
The migration involves how energy is moved through the body in the energetic centers called chakras. As more chakras are added, the system becomes more refined. We also will see a migration of the organs. We will now gain the ability to live on liquid light. There will be much less and then no waste coming form the body. The bones cells will be augmented with nanocrystalline diamonds and the joints will not wear out. The muscles will derive their energy from nanocrystalline structures. The organs will be augmented as a part of the migration. The organs will stream line as they no longer rely on hormones to function. The actual organs will change over time to function as light transmitters. Some will shrink in size as their functions diminish. All of this migration is event-based, not gauged by linear time. As we come back to Earth, we will be able to assist dramatically in this migration process along with complete healings of the body structure.

In the 12 strand chakra system, still the old system, can you move from there into the 10 stranded system - How do you get to the 12 stranded etheric system? Then you have moved into positronic etheric fullness. How do we activate the final two etheric strands of DNA.
How does it work? Is that the 13th Gateway.
The etheric body is the energy blueprint body that is the energy blueprint that the physical body follows. The subtle part of the physical body. The Etheric body has 12 strands of DNA. The physical body has 12 strands of DNA. This is a correspondence to the 24 + 1 Elders sitting around the Throne of Grace in the physical brain, the cranial nerves. The energetic pathways of the cranial nerves each pair up, male and female, forming 12 pair. The etheric body and physical body have 12 pairs, male and female, transmitting electricity, vibration and Source Love from the physical to the etheric, from the etheric, to the physical. When everything together, in these two systems are flowing freely, through all of the 12 pairs, through the senses and the body systems THIS OPENS the 13th GATEWAY. This is the gateway through which Higher Gifts manifest as an integrated part of the positronic etheric body.
~Lord Arcturus
Beth Trutwin/Mark Huber www.GalacticRoundTable.com

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