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The Energies of December Jennifer Hoffman-Uriel

The Energies of December

If November was hard for you, December will appear to be much easier on many levels. But we are still in an important cycle of release and transformation which we have been on for many years and it is bringing us closer to our core areas of healing. This is where things become challenging as we are faced with releasing beliefs, feelings, hopes, expectations, dreams and any blocks to our accepting higher energetic vibrations. And we have learned that no matter what someone else does or what situation unfolds, the cause as well as the key to its resolution lies within us.

This month provides as many opportunities for rest as for action, for healing as well as to take stock of how far we have come. When we are on a healing journey we become so focused on the healing and the work involved that we forget to acknowledge ourselves and assess what we have done. And we have done a lot. Think back ten years ago and consider the changes you have made in your life. There were significant opportunities for healing and clearing, ranging from annoying and frustrating to devastating. We had two choices, step up or give up. What did you do?

Now we are on the other side of that journey but we still have work to do. And in December we have two energies that will help us, a Mercury retrograde starting the 26th, whose shadow period begins on the ninth, and a lunar eclipse on December 31. Retrograde planets always give us an opportunity to review and create closure and this one is no exception. The question is how do you want to end the year and what do you want to bring with you into the new year? Do it now because you do not want to take any baggage into 2010, a year of glorious blessings.

The eclipse is in the moon's sign, Cancer, focusing on emotions, family, the mother and our home, and is challenged by Pluto and Saturn, representing transformation and discipline. It is interesting that this year ends with an eclipse because Archangel Uriel has said that 2010 will be a wonderful year for those who have done their healing work, released cords and set their intention for what they want in their life. Have you made your wish list for 2010? Now is the time to start it, include what you want to manifest as well as what you are willing to release. Then follow your guidance through December and get ready for an amazing journey through 2010.

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