20 Kasım 2009 Cuma

Grid Visioning : New Moon Monday

New Moon

Planetary Grid Transmissions

Monday, November 16

water consciousness

Visioning Intention

~ Shifting into Higher Dimensional Earth ~

The Crystalline Grid is a Unified Field of Source Consciousness weaving together and fully merging "As the Mantle of Spirit".

This New Moon on the Grid, we inspire collective visioning. Our intent is to create and maintain a higher energetic plane which draws, much like a vacuum, all UP within Itself. The outcome is not predetermined, but allowed to be drawn from Divine Will.

We join in Unified Field as pure and surrendered channels of Universal Consciousness. As we connect into the prismatic diamond grid matrix of crystalline light, we radiate horizontally from the still, center point of our awareness to all of the Earth. As above, so below and through horizontal merkavic access*, we further create and strengthen the dynamic of energetically lifting all into the higher dimensional Earth.

As a prismatic rainbow bridge of information and communication transfer, we make connection horizontally, vertically and spherically while infusing and encircling the entire Earth plane.

"Merkavic access", may be explained as the action of the Divine Merkaba containing both a vertical and horizontal communication. It relates to the spinning of the horizontal axis/plane which draws the Unified Consciousness of matter and antimatter into Center/Zero Point from above, below and within. It communicates through the continuous layer of ethers, the energy, vibrations and frequencies to All.

As Love.

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