27 Ekim 2009 Salı

Uriel's Message -- The Atlantean Guilt

So many of you who are teachers, healers and Lightworkers today held those roles in Atlantis, and you retain the energies and the memories of the work you did there, including the end of that era. For it was an era, a time when humanity was provided with an opening to experience their divinity and they misused this energy and destroyed themselves. You know that you are on the threshold of yet another cycle of the experience of divinity and the fear you feel is related to your Atlantean experience and its guilt.

The guilt you carry is from your feeling of responsibility for destroying your world and watching it end, from knowing that you were trusted by many and you betrayed their trust, from your association with those you trusted and whose objectives were hidden from you. Even today many of you are reluctant to use your gifts to their fullest extent because you fear that when others are aware of what you can do, they will take advantage of you, as happened in Atlantis. As you approach the end of this cycle the memory of your guilt is creating fear, hesitation and doubt.

In Atlantis there was an opportunity to create heaven on earth but it was done by attempting to manipulate the earth's energies to create heaven through the material world. In this new cycle you understand that there is a partnership between spiritual and material, and you are preparing the earth to receive spirit. This is as it should be for the transition to occur without destruction. But what happened in Atlantis was the manipulation of your energies to accomplish the desires of the ego's need for domination.

You were not responsible for Atlantis' destruction, even though you were present and contributed to those energies. Your powers were misused by those whose purpose was to create a human and ego focused transformation. You willingly participated in the work that was done, not understanding how you and all of humanity were being misled at that time. It is time for each of you to accept the fullness of your power and to trust that it will not be misused. You have spent lifetimes preparing for this moment and are at the point of transition, as you were in Atlantis. This is a new era, with new energies, vibrations and you have the wisdom and knowledge learned from your previous cycle. Release your guilt, accept your power and gifts, and allow the new earth become the partnership of heaven and earth that you have worked so hard to create.

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