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Melchizedek on what is really happening and going to happen in 2012

Have you made your choice yet?

Melchizedek on what is really happening and going to happen in 2012

There is a lot of information going around about the coming ascension in 2012 and much of it is exciting and some of it is scary.

I, Melchizedek would like to give you some explanations and information of what is going to happen.

Yes there is going to be a ascension of consciousness for every human on earth whether they want to or not. The earth is ascending and will be going into a higher dimension. She will however go higher than the 5th dimension most of you have heard of. The earth will move beyond the 13th dimension, which means the earth will not be physical anymore.

There are stories that once the earth ascends, many will die. Some of them will tell you that if your physical body is not ready it will be destroyed during the ascension of the earth. This is not true, there will be a safe place created for those who are not ready to move on with the earth in the higher dimensions, and we expect this to be most of the earth population at this time.
The ones that have made the choice to complete planetary ascension and move into cosmic ascension will be the new teachers coming or staying on earth after the ascension and they will have full knowledge of the pathways to return to source.

At this moment your earth is preparing for her ascension and many are assisting her as she moves forward on this path. Some will try to interfere as always and this is mostly done through misinformation.

There is a time frame for the ascension of the earth and it is at the end of the year 2012, the beginning of 2013. But do not forget, the earth is already ascending at this time. Her frequency is being raised.

The time frame is where many will be present to open the gate, portal or doorway that will allow the earth to move beyond this dimension into a new timeline and release her of her physicality.

At this moment the merger has begun of the earth with her non physical part and this will continue until she has been completely merged with her non physical part. Her energy, spirit or soul part so to speak. Just like humans are becoming one with their spirit, their soul, so does the earth. You have to become the whole before you can completely ascend.

Some lightworkers have now been disconnected from the cycles of time, meaning they will be able to work on themselves and the earth from a space without time. This allows them to stay out of time and they will not be influenced by time frames, sun cycles and many more of these earthly 3d influences. They are preparing for Cosmic Ascension and with that they are preparing to hold the energies for humanity to go through the process of the ascension of the earth in a safe way.

They will be the ones holding the energies for the safe return of all that have not made the choice at this time to complete Cosmic Ascension.

Once the earth has passed through the portal a new set of dimensions will be created. Actually they will already be there since these dimensions are being created at this time by the ones that have stepped out of the cycles of time. All humans that have not chosen the Cosmic Ascension path will be returned to a planet earth that will be similar to the one you are on right now. The only difference will be that you will start in the 5th dimension (which is still physical) instead of the 3rd dimension. From there you will be able to step onto the path of completing Cosmic Ascension.

Now we do need many to hold the energies for this process and this is why your universe is in a "no rules" time cycle at this time. Many of you are here to be part of this and some have heard the clarion call, many have not. Many are still thinking of only planetary ascension and all that they are doing is following the energies that are coming into your universe. I would like to remind you that you have already finished planetary ascension in a previous lifetime. And in this lifetime only one simple process is needed to complete it again for this lifetime to have the physical body ready to step onto the Cosmic Ascension path.

The energies coming into your universe are ready to be integrated; all that most people are doing is accepting them and letting them flow through. You have to become one with everything, every part of you, and every part of you in this universe and beyond. This is not accomplished by just accepting the energies coming in. I would like to remind you about the path of many of the masters you are looking at for answers and guidance. They spend many lifetimes learning and becoming one with all that is. Integrating each and every part on themselves to finally ascend within the light body. At this moment we are aiming for complete cosmic ascension beyond the dimensions, beyond your universe. This means ascension with the physical body, which means bringing in each and every part of you into the 3rd dimensional physical body. Your 3rd dimensional physical body will become one with all that is. Your 3rd dimensional body will become the lightbody for ascension.

So here is my question for all of you at this time. Have you made your choice yet? What are your plans for the future?

I know times are hard; many distractions have been placed upon your path, as you chose to do so. Now it is time to step beyond this and create your own future. Leave the distraction behind you; find your place in the 3rd dimension without distractions, or without being influenced by the distractions. This is a real possibility for all of you.

The only way to change the world, and we cannot say it enough, is to change it from within. This means you are the ones that need to change; you are the ones that will have to create a new future for you. Don't let yourself be pulled down by all that is happening around you. Yes, these are hard times, yes many are living on the edge, and yes you can change the world one by one. This means look inside for the change. Do not look outside for the change. You have to change from within.

There are many teachers out there and many will be able to assist you on the Cosmic Ascension path. But discernment is needed as many also do not know what is needed for this path, they are still attached to the old teachings, or will try to find new teachings, but if they are not the path of Cosmic Ascension they will not find them. Some will tell you about Cosmic Ascension but they are in fact still working on planetary ascension. This is why discernment is needed. You will have to find your path among the many paths that are available. This is why you follow your heart. But you can only follow your heart if you have made a complete commitment to your heart, yourself and the path of Cosmic Ascension.

You are all a very important part of this process as the earth is preparing for her ascension and can use all the help she can get to raise her frequencies. And you are also very important for the ones that have not chosen the path of cosmic ascension at this time, as they will need a safe place to stay when the earth ascends. Only the ones ready for cosmic ascension will be able to hold the energies for that safe haven.

Then for the many healers out there, you are important in many ways as you have chosen a path of healing for many. Do not forget that the most important part of healing is to heal yourself first. Raise your frequencies as many of the healing modalities now available will require that from you. And do not forget the path toward Cosmic Ascension as you focus on healing. The only way a physical body can completely heal is by moving it beyond the physical dimensions.

2012 is near and we are already at the end of the year 2009. This is your opportunity to step beyond the physical and become the creator of your own life and future.

I am Lord Melchizedek

Through Petra Margolis
October 6, 2009

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