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Belief Systems REMOVAL at Soul Level

Belief Systems - Soul Level

Part One
Belief Systems - Soul Level

Belief Systems around the soul are quite a different process (and level) than has been worked on previously. It is all about "soul's insecurities" and negative beliefs.

What is present around soul is a white mist with many colors, diamond-like shapes (energies) that are interconnected like snowflakes (or look like molecular structures found in a biology book). They show that soul hasn't completely accepted itself and its own true nature and needs. Soul has lost its original identity and thus soul is confused.

They (the energies) appear as ruminations that soul allow in - that aren't of soul or a part of soul but which affects soul. Soul becomes the ruminations and acts out what we call false self, false ego, false personality in which the soul identifies itself as one with these ruminations.
It happens over many lifetimes in which no actual physical beings implant these - but it is, instead, like "brainwashing" on a spiritual basis or level. They (the ruminations) get locked in when two souls (individuals) are talking and somehow one disempowers the other, the second soul or individual lets something the first on says in, not just on one level, but all levels. It is the opposite of "as above so below" and becomes "as below so above".

So what happens - lifetime after lifetime these ruminations (belief systems) store up, many contradicting the other, the result being "soul's confusion or insecurities". So what you have is soul surrounded by many, many, many belief systems, so that soul becomes these ruminations.
What needs to be done is to "stabilize" these configurations, remove them, and free soul. A person must be ready for change, because this does strip one of many lifetimes of stored belief systems and allows soul to again be "that spark of God" as it was when it was created. As these belief systems are broken down and taken away, it isn't always in your highest good to dwell on exactly what each belief system was.

It is like going to the dump to go through discarded garbage. It a person continually goes over the past, they can recreate old negative beliefs, sometimes feeling guilt and shame over past lifetimes and past decisions. It is best to be open to letting things go without drama - you know, "the easy way".

There are times when the universe will present you with pictures of what the beliefs were, if this happens it usually is because you've learned (or are into) the lessons. The same situation occurs here, acknowledge the lesson and then let it go with "ease". Some common beliefs of this lifetime are: feeling not deserving, having no value, can't be abundant and be spiritual at the same time, etc.

Past beliefs could include killing or being killed in the name of God (Crusades, Inquisition, early Christian Days), be sacrificed for crops..... The list goes on and one.
After the removal of old beliefs, there may be a time afterwards where old thought patterns, decisions, and situations come to mind. What is happening is your mind asking you if that is the belief you have deleted. You just say yes, and your "computer" (mind), will just erase it. Do not make this process difficult. People have described an incredible inner peace after the old negative beliefs were released.

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Part Two
Matrix Work

Ok, so what is matrix work?

I'll start out by defining what a matrix is: a matrix is an energy pattern or vibration.
As you emerged from Source, you had one matrix in place, the Matrix of Self. This matrix had all the aspects, patternings and vibrations complete for you as soul. As you went into the various dimensions, you picked up a Matrix of Polarity. This is not just 3rd dimensional polarity...polarity exists in some form in most dimensions.

The polarity matrix carries the curses, hexes, good, evil, traumas, etc. As you were "born" into families, you picked up two more matrixes.. the Matrix of Male and the Matrix of Female. These Matrixes contain all the mother (female) idiosyncrasies of every generation before you; the Male Matrix does the same.

So what this means is that, perhaps, you may act and react in ways that really don't belong to you, but to the female or male lineage. (To confuse you even further, add to the lineages of all the lives you have lived) So... what, where, or who is the real YOU?

So what needs to be done is to remove the matrixes that don't serve you.... the male, female, and polarity. Many times the Matrix of Self is still in embryonic state and its vibration will be dull, it has never been allow to be born or if it is born hasn't been allowed to grow strong and develop fully or completely in this lifetime constantly interfered with by the other three matrixes.

Sometimes the Male and Female Matrixes (could be mother, father) that we inherit through our parents can/have overshadowed the self so much that it really appears not to exist. Add to that everything carried in the Polarity Matrix... it is no wonder individuals have trouble figuring out who they are. The Matrixes all start from a particular place in your lower spine.

The Male and Female Matrixes will be removed first. The Polarity Matrix many times will be extremely intertwined in the spine... and will be the most difficult to dis-attach. As it is removed, the Self Matrix will be free to grow, expand and be realized. As one processes this work, you may feel disoriented for awhile, but this shouldn't last long.

The real YOU will vibrate at a higher level and you will be able to channel more light. Through the expansion, development and maturation of your Self Matrix, you discover who your real self is and how your are able to express this in the human form.

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