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3rd Level of the New Energy Wave of Acceptance – Lord Melchizedek

3rd Level of the New Energy Wave of Acceptance – Lord Melchizedek
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 10/10/09

Much love and many blessings are sent to you from all existing and vibrating at a universal level of the Creator’s universe. I, Lord Melchizedek address you now with some valuable information concerning the New Energy Wave of Acceptance which was anchored onto the Earth in 09/09/09. Since the point of alignment the energies of the Wave of Acceptance have been increasing and developing, the energy of love is anchoring with greater force into the Earth and souls of humanity to aid the era of love, due to manifest in 2012. We have and are experiencing the energies and qualities of unconditional love, acceptance, balance, detachment and mastery directly from the Creator’s soul. These sacred qualities enable us to understand and enact different aspects of the Creator’s soul and loving qualities on the Earth. From the 3rd to the 8th September 2009 the New Energy Wave of Acceptance prepared for alignment with the Earth. It was from the 9th September that the energy wave climaxed and humanity felt a greater intensity of the loving qualities of the Creator and the teachings that must be adopted. It was from the 9th to the 19th September that we truly felt the feminine aspect of the Creator anchoring and present within the nature kingdoms on the Earth. From the 19th September until the 8th October the New Energy Wave of Acceptance has been integrating with the energies of humanity and the Earth, this has allowed many people to realise how the new energy wave is influencing their life and the lessons that it brings forth to enable them to practice existing as unconditional love, connecting with the divine balance within their being and detaching from the unneeded energies in their reality. In truth this can bring forth many challenging experiences or it can encourage you to exist as your truth. If you approach your day accepting love from the Creator, emanating unconditional love to all and allowing yourself to remain balanced and centred then you will easily overcome the lessons of this period of growth and will be able to fully anchor the qualities of love that the Creator’s now expresses.
It is from the 9th October that the New Energy Wave of Acceptance has increased in vibration and intensity with the purpose of offering new lessons and understandings from the Creator’s loving soul. You may notice that as you invoke the New Energy Wave of Acceptance to channel and surge into your being that its vibration is slightly different, there is a greater volume of the quality peace and tranquillity anchored into the energy wave. Peace has been anchored in order to encourage humanity to take time to comprehend the experiences and situations in their life, how they are affecting their spiritual development and to realise any changes that need to be made. The energy of peace also allows a period of rest and synthesis of the Creator’s qualities of love. The intensity of the energy of love anchoring into the Earth and humanity can bring forth many processes of cleansing, releasing and change. Many people have felt their attitude and personality change, some feel light and brighter while others feel the negative ego coming forth in rebellion of the powerful loving energies anchoring. Now is a time of reflection on your progress and to evaluate whether you have learnt or comprehended any new understandings concerning your personality, actions, thoughts and emotions. It is now a time to rest before a higher vibration of the energy wave anchors and then remains continuously connected with the Earth until 10/10/2010.

The quality that comes forth from the New Energy Wave of Acceptance is the teachings and energy of Love of a Neutral Disposition. Love of a Neutral Disposition is a very powerful energy and state to adopt and exist as, on the Earth. It is to exist as love and to share love while accepting a balanced temperament. This draws on the qualities of being clam, composed, unflustered, fair minded, open minded and flexible. It is from this existence that a new inner strength will develop within each person, a strength that stems from love rather than fear. We must also realise that as the energies of love anchor onto the Earth it can remind us of mistakes that we may have made and to realise that every soul is now learning new lessons of love and most importantly accepting love. It is because of this great period of learning and growth that we must be forgiving and supportive to ourselves and those around us. Many souls on the Earth through their awakening process have experience intense high emotions and energy as they align with the love of the Creator and realise their truth, while also plummeting to intense lows in their energy and emotion as they try to resolve old karmic issues and negative emotions that need to be realised in order to aid spiritual development. Now is the time to gather your energies, to allow healing to occur and to accept love as you remain balanced and centred. The Creator offers all a challenge of expressing and accepting love during their daily routine while also remaining calm and collected whatever occurs around them. It is to remain in a neutral disposition of love, experiencing love but not allowing your emotions to bounce from negativity and fear to extremely high blissful emotions. If you access a happy joyous vibration of light then there is a need to maintain it throughout every second of the day. The Creator realises that this may be difficult and it is important to experience emotions fully without dwelling, but the key is to bring your attention and vibration back to the level of happiness and joy or peace and stillness that you previously accessed.

From the 9th November 2009, a new quality will emerge from the Energy Wave of Acceptance and this will be Love with the Ability to Detach. This quality may seem the same as the quality that is now evident of Love of a Neutral Disposition but it is all a process of growth. The Creator asks you to focus on remaining in a place and existence of love at all times without wavering, it is to remain in the middle of the Creator’s love, experiencing its constant energy. The 4th realisation and energy wave is to assist you in achieving the action of detachment when it is needed while remaining in a place of love, forgiveness and equilibrium.
This is definitely something to be aware of as you go about your daily routine and life on the Earth. There are many small experiences that help you to grow, if you become aware of your growing frustration, anger or impatience, this is a time when Love of a Neutral Disposition should be accepted and put into action. It is also needed in times when you feel yourself judging another for whatever reason, it is important to remain collected and calm and to decipher the lessons that are being brought to your attention.

It is important to realise that as the Energy Wave of Acceptance intensifies and new qualities anchor or emerge, they are not only available between the time frame given but are available to align to and to comprehend throughout the entire year from 03/09/2009 to 10/10/2010 so there is ample of time to integrate the energies and their qualities of love.

I encourage you to continue to align with the Energy Wave of Acceptance each day with this simple invocation,

‘Overseen by my loving guides, I now anchor the most appropriate vibration of love, light and consciousness from the Energy Wave of Acceptance into my being, soul and reality. Allow me to accept the Creator’s qualities of unconditional love, acceptance and balance in order to anchor a reality of love into my life, exist as love and align on a new level with the soul of the Creator. I ask the Energy Wave of Acceptance to support and inspire me throughout my day. Let it be.’

Take a moment to imagine the light flowing over and into your being.

‘I now wish to align with and anchor the qualities, teachings and vibrations of Love of a Neutral Disposition from the Energy Wave of Acceptance. Allow me to exist as love of a balanced temperament on the Earth now. Thank you.’

Take a moment to imagine the light flowing over and into your being.
Throughout your day I ask that you repeat the affirmation,

‘I am Love of a Neutral Disposition,’

‘I am Love of a Balanced Temperament.’

This will aid the anchoring process and assist you in remaining balanced while experiencing and accepting the love of the Creator.
I hope that the information I have shared with you today is of value to you.
With universal blessings and vibrations,
I am Lord Melchizedek, Universal Logos

Best wishes and blessings, Natalie

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