26 Eylül 2009 Cumartesi

The New Violet Fire - St Germain

The New Violet Fire

The New Violet Fire has been introduces to assist in transforming the released energies.

"I Am St. Germain, Master of the seventh ray, and I greet you in love. Since the end of last year, or more precisely since October 2002, the earth wasa raised into a frequency, allowing us to use the higher vinrational energies that we can release on earth at this time. Of course, it is still the energy of the seventh ray, but also higher in the vibration, because each energy of radiation is only so far as can be effective as the level at which the respective planet is located. All the rays have been raised to a higher frequency as they have been flowing to earth in that higher frequency. They have become more available in greater amounts, it is juts that mankind is not yet completely aware of this.

The energy of the "New Violet Fire", as I would like this energy is called (and I ask you to call it in this way if you want to work with this energy), is different in form, color and also in the force. The energy no longer flows in constant flux but as a powerful spiral and is of extraordinary intensity. The color is much brighter, because the color silver has been mixed in.
The inner Silver part of the Flame has been added to transform and break up old crystallized energies. The silver in the flame has the task to break old crystallized structures so the Violet Fire can transform it.

Saturday September 26, at 9:30pm EST
Cost is $ 20.00
You can register here

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